So yeah, i'm the new guy. And i bring with me a little knowledge and experience. I'll give you a general run down of myself in case you were curious.

So i'm Minipops lol. I started gaming online in 1997. I started in a game called Tribes. I found the Renegades mod and that's where i stayed. I started my own clan the same year called pX{Fb} Project X Fargin Bastages. That clan got to around 14th on a ladder of 140 teams. (not bad)
Then i disbanded the team and joined what became my most beloved of all teams, (AFO) All For One. Once i joined (AFO) i rose to the rank of defensive team commander. Which meant i was in charge of all things defensive for (AFO). Flag defenders and chasers. Turret deployment. Base defense and repair. We Battled on a ladder called the TWL, which was the biggest ladder online at the time. We unfortunately never could reach #1 Rank. But we Fought the best team on the ladder and took them to triple over-time before we lost by a single flag. Very proud moment, but also heart breaking.

Eventually the game died out as games always do. I found a game called Vietcong. I immediately loved it. The whole Vietnam jungle warfare is what i love most. So i started my own faction of (AFO) in it. I put up a server and began recruiting. Long story short, i took that clan to 2nd place on the VC Ladder. We fought the top team In CTF and lost after 6 over time maps. That match lasted 3 hours before it was decided. Years later i found out that every clan in VC was cheating including the one we lost to for #1. My team was the only one that played the game straight.

After Vietcong died off i went to America's Army. I believe i started at AA 1.6 I tried to bring my Vietcong guys to AA but it was a much more hardcore type of game play. Being that you only had 1 life and couldn't spectate after you died. Most were not interested in it. So i disbanded the VC group and i joined .tru. Which stood for Threat Removal Unit. I joined them with the hopes of competing on a ladder. Sadly they didn't have strong leadership or ambition and we never were able to compete. I stayed with them for a few years and just enjoyed some cool people and casual gaming.

Stopped gaming completely around 2011 and focused on work and family. Got back in contact with the old .tru. guys and fired up the old rig and played a bit of America's Army Proving Grounds, but i didn't really like it compared to the old version. Then my binge drinking and drunken asshole behavior on teamspeak drove them all away and i became alienated. It became such a problem i almost lost my wife and kids over it. I was driving my kids to things while drunk.....yeah...

So it's been 7 months since ive had alcohol and i'm a much nicer person now. Anyways, i bought squad and loved it and then hooked up with you clowns. So we'll see how things go here.