Admin Rules

1.No abuse of power, failure to do so will result in stripping of admin privs.
2.Absolutely no admin cam usage unless it is needed or you are going to spend the entire match spectating.No greifing if proven you tk'ed on purpose admin privleges will be immediatly revoked.
3.Be active on server at least 3 times a week
4.Respect admins and players equally,Two warnings period then kick.
5.Do not police chat,No feeding the trolls.
6.Make sure the seeding maps are implemented(Sumari RAAS v1,Logar Valley INF/RAAS,Tallil Skirmish v2,Kokan RAAS v1.)
7.Can't kick or ban for no reason, Even if they are being annoying or dense.(Unless griefing,Tking, etc)
8.Uphold all rules provided by TGS and GC leaders.

While seeding the server, please fight over the center capture point until a 17v17 is reached. Upon reaching 17v17 the server will be considered live.

1. No Digging up enemy HABs.
2. No Vehicles besides Logistics and Transport
3. No mortars but all other emplacements are allowed.
4. Seeding maps only during seeding time no exceptions period.
5. Seeding maps are as follows......(Sumari RAAS v1,Logar Valley INF/RAAS,Tallil Skirmish v2,Kokan RAAS v1.)
6. Do not put HABs on central points.
7. No Spawn/HAB camping.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in a kick from the server, Rank does not apply, Everyone can be kicked.